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I’ve always found joy in being unique, vibrant, a statement maker and an encourager. But I never understood what balance meant, especially when it came to fashion.

I've always been an “all or nothing” type of gal. In most ways I still am. However, having balance never really seemed to be a part of who I am now, until I started to look at my closet! I was always that girl wearing glitter on my eyelids, crop tops and overalls, bright colors and animal print galore! I was also the type of girl who struggled with her weight at such a young age that I hated myself and the way I looked. That led to me to eventually loosing a bunch of weight as young teen and therefore the “all or nothing” attitude was unveiled. As I reflect back to that part of my life and really look at who I was, I see a girl who was always unique, vibrant, a statement maker and an encourager. However, all of that was masked by my weight and what I allowed the world to define to me as truth. After I lost the weight as a young teen, it was like my inner fashionista was unleashed and I couldn’t hide it from anyone! I was born unique because that’s how God created me to be. I was born vibrant because colors (lots of them) made me really happy. I was born a statement maker because I loved bringing joy to others lives. And, I was born an encourager because that’s what God had gifted my heart with.

I was born a statement maker because I loved bringing joy to others lives. And, I was born an encourager because that’s what God had gifted my heart with.

As I’ve gotten older, well my body has DEFINITELY changed. Though I am on a journey to creating better health for myself and my family, I am still much heavier than I have ever been before. However, this time has been different. Different because after 34 years, I have finally found balance! Of course I have had different challenges than in previous years and some of that has just been down right hard to accept. But, having balance in my closet today has really made it easy peasy to be who I am and who I was created to be.

So what does balance mean? Balance in your closet means having those staple pieces that can be mix and matched with other colors and accessories that you already own. Balance means adding a few layers to your staple pieces that simply add diversity and dimension to your outfit. Balance means accenting with accessories allowing them to be the workhorse for your wardrobe. Balance means having a closet full of clothes that are dynamic and versatile to your lifestyle.

In no way shape or form am I disregarding thinner ladies, because I know we all struggle with having confidence. I’m just speaking on my current journey as a plus size 34 year old, military spouse and mom of two sweet boys (one of which is special needs) self. With that said, I am plus size and being plus size is hard! It’s hard because the world looks down upon it. People are the first to rip you apart because you are a plus size. People judge and they say mean things to you because you are plus size. People automatically think you are not as good as they are, because you are plus size. However, I am here to tell you different! We are all created in God’s image and to him we are perfect! We are daughters of the king and to him we are unique. We are his masterpieces and to him we are vibrant. We are his servants and to him we are statement makers. We are vessels that shine his light upon others and to him we are meant to be encouragers.

Start with walking into your closet and being open minded to find balance. Let your closet help you see that you are you and that you are not THEM! Balance doesn’t have to be designer brands or runway looks, it just has to be YOU!


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