Closet Full of Clothes & No Action Plan

Do you find yourself walking into your closet every morning and reaching for the same outfit (your not even excited about this outfit) again, again...and again? I'm with you!

I have been there! It's that time of year again when the season changes and our outfit fatigue reaches an all-time high. But with a few tips I have listed below, you’ll find yourself getting out of that style rut and back on the trendy train in no time. And I hope you come board!

You should love walking into your closet! Tons of choices or minimalist, you can look forward to getting dressed!

Make a list:

Shopping should be fun, but should also be approached logically. In other words, if you know how to shop intentionally for your closet then you will save both time and money! spontaneously splurging on trendy pieces everywhere you go, might not be the smartest move. Write down a list of the top 10 items you most need. This way you can prioritize the items you actually need vs. those you just want for trend factor. Focus your shopping budget on those items before splurging on products you'll only wear during that season.

Stock up on the staple basics:

Start building up your wardrobe with more basics, which can be worn with many different pieces and in a variety of ways. It will open up a whole new world of opportunities for you and your wardrobe. Every great closet is built on 'core' items, our staple pieces! You want to have a couple pairs of great pants (variety of color), a few skirts, a few dresses , t-shirts for sure, and a few pairs of jeans. A few other must-have investment items are a blazer, Jean jacket, and a trench coat. These will never go out of style and is are the perfect jackets to wear with every outfit. As for shoes, Stylists are recommending a great flat shoe, ankle boot, sexy stiletto, a pair of cute tennis shoes and a fun sandal. Adding essentials like these will make it feel like your closet has doubled!! Trust me!!


Accessories should be the main focus of someone’s closet! They are the workhorse for your wardrobe and the most important thing you can do for any outfit you put together. Accessories are the biggest social connection we have with people in 2019. Accessories have the power of streamlining your figure. Accessories give the illusion that you have lost weight, especially in your face. Accessories accent the smallest parts of our body, our wrists, and allow for the focus to be on that vs. our imperfections! Accessories dress us up and dress us down. They have the power to pull us together, creating that desired pulled together look, no matter what parts of us we have left “unkept”.


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